Swipe by Purebet — Bet, flip, or skip.

2 min readAug 22, 2023


What a match this would be!

Introducing Swipe by Purebet, our OPOS Hackathon entry. Swipe offers a much simplified sports betting experience, targeting casual bettors and mobile users.

Users are presented with a series of cards, each representing a betting market. The user can choose to bet on the shown outcome, flip it to the opposite side and bet, or skip the market. If the user chooses to bet, the outcome, their chosen default stake, and odds are shown for confirmation, then they are asked to confirm the transaction in their Solana wallet.

As easy as bet, flip, or skip.

Swipe is built using the Purebet API which means that every bet is automatically routed to the on-chain sports betting protocol which has the best odds for the selection the user is betting on. As with all bets via Purebet, this works across multiple blockchains, without the user having to bridge funds or swap collateral, including BetDEX offerings upon the Monaco Protocol.

This hackathon demo uses real, mainnet USDC and SOL. A small SOL fee is required for rent exemption on the bet account. This is returned once the event is over. The stake and potential profit must be over 1 USDC to comply with the implementation of the Purebet on-chain program. Swipe only offers MLB betting for this demo, however we can increase the offerings to all sports offered by the Purebet API in the future. It is designed for mobile, but also works on desktop by clicking and flicking the cards. We will add swipe buttons on desktop in the future if there is interest in the product.

Try Swipe here: http://swipe.purebet.io/

You can vote for us here: https://www.cubik.so/project/cc712f6e-fdee-4877-86a4-55489ec81276/hackathon/8e23ade0-0dae-4c4b-83aa-67867749029c

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